5 Jul
Are there Child Molesters in Your Neighborhood?

Check the Nationwide Sex Offenders Database

New services online, some provided by the government and others privately, now allow you to track child molesters.  For parents of young children, this question is a critical one.  When sending their children out to play with friends or off to school, parents want to know, not just guess, that their children are safe.

New registries help keep you aware of who is in your neighborhood, but the specifics of their crime remains a mystery.  Worse, these databases can take time to get updated and depend heavily on cooperation from the offenders.

Private Databases that Alert You to New Neighbors

It is now possible to use private services to keep yourself informed as to who is moving in to your neighborhood.  It is true that most of these services aren’t free, but it is well worth a few dollars to know where your child is most likely to be safe. 

Child molesters aren’t always obvious; they too may have children or wives and look perfectly “normal.”  The best way to protect your children from such people is to be constantly vigilant.

It is well established that child molesters can’t be rehabilitated.  They will repeat their crimes given the opportunity.  As long as our prisons keep letting them back out into the public once they have served their sentence, there is little parents can do but remain actively aware.

Better Safe than Sorry

The best way to remain watchful is to utilize a service that updates their records daily and provides the very highest standard of professionalism.  Only you can take charge of protecting your child and you should use every tool at your disposal to do so.

I strongly encourage you to utilize a reputable online criminal records search service.  Spend the few dollars required to become a member and keep track of the new people in your neighborhood.  Far from paranoia, it is the responsible thing to do if you have children.

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