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Out of Country Adoption Info Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you were born in this country or not, seeking adoption info all has the same results; questions. Without an understanding on how adoption works and what to look for, you can be left feeling overwhelmed and under informed. To help make the adoption search easier, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for out of country adoptions.

What should I look for first?
The first thing you need to find out is if you were adopted from a Hague Adoption Convention Country or not. You can check the U.S. list of countries to determine if your native country is part of the convention.

What is the difference between a Hague Adoption Convention Country and not?
The only way to enter the U.S. legally from a Non-Hague Adoption Convention Country is to be considered an orphan. Adoptees from Hague Adoption Convention Country do not have to be considered orphaned to enter legally.

What forms can I look for?
Hague Adoption Convention

  • I-800 Petition – This petition asks the child be considered a relative.
  • I-800A Petition – This form asks the child to be considered eligible for adoption.
  • INA – The Immigration and Nationality Act requires all children from Hague Adoption Convention to go through this process.

Non- Hague Adoption Convention

  • I-600 – This is similar to I-800 and classifies the child as an immediate relative.
  • I-600A – This form declares the child an orphan and eligible for adoption under orphan status.

How do I know if I was adopted from a Hague Adoption Convention Country or Not?
There are 77 countries involved in the convention. You can find a complete list of countries by checking the U.S. list of countries. There you can check the county from which you were born to see if it is a part of the convention.

Is there any other way to be adopted from another country?
Since every country has different laws, it is possible to be adopted in a different manner. However, you cannot enter this country legally through any other manner. This is why adoptive parents are advised to seek out these forms first. Otherwise, while they can adopt the child, they will not be able to bring the child into the country.

How do I finding Court and Adoption Records
You can quickly and easily search through U.S. records online. The online database will be able to sort through the adoption info and give you the information you are searching for.

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