6 Sep
Why Records of Births and Deaths are Crucial to Adoption Searches

If you gave up a child for adoption or were adopted yourself, the question of your biological relatives has likely come up at one point or another. With many adoption records sealed, however, records of births and deaths can be your best friend in your search.

Searching for Birth, Death, and Adoption Records
For any number of reasons, a person may choose to have adoption records sealed. In these cases, neither party is aware of what became of the other.

Feelings change with time, however, or sometimes medical or other family history is needed, making location necessary. While it may seem like finding a needle in a haystack, records of births and deaths are an excellent first step towards narrowing your search.

How to Narrow Your Search for Birth Records
If you have a full name, a last name, or even just a city and year, you can begin your search through records of births and deaths to narrow down the potential possibilities by age, gender, location, and more. You can find out how many relatives you still have living, if you have any biological siblings, and, for birth parents, you can even find out if your child has any brothers or sisters.

Sealed adoption records makes connecting children and their birth parents extremely complicated. However, there is such a wealth of information available easily accessible births and deaths records that the adoption records can become almost unnecessary.

If you are determined to reconnect with your child or birth parents and are willing to do a little bit of legwork, start your search of births and deaths today.

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