27 Nov
Are You Being Scammed? How Researching Vital Statistics Can Save You!

Vital statistics can be an easy and fast defense against scam artists who are going to use every lie at their disposal to gain your trust and lift your pocketbook.

Long-range scams are pretty common when a person is trying to trick you out of large amounts of resources. In these scams, a person will use every trick in the book to gain your trust so that you (willingly!) hand over personal and financial information.

Identity theft, business take-over, and draining your bank account are just a few of the goals that these tricksters have in mind.

Recent Death of a Loved One

A classic pattern a scam artist might run on a witless victim involves these scenarios:

•    A long lost family member has died. They need your information to give you access to money left to you in a will.

•    The scam artist has been recently widowed. She appears vulnerable in order to gain access to your trust and eventually… your pocketbook.

•    General death, mishap, or abuse in the family. The scammer claims that he needs money somehow to cover death fees, burial costs, escape from hostile people, or money transfers (of which a percentage is usually promised to the mark). This usually involves the “Nigerian Scam” or the “419 Advanced Fee Fraud”.

•    Fencing a stolen car. You may be buying a hot car that “grandma only drove to church on Sundays”. There are several excuses why they might not have proper documentation, titles, etc. If it sounds fishy, get out of the deal and do the research!

Check Up on Birth Documents and See if You are Dating an Illegal Aliens

A person may claim to be a legal citizen, but really they are in a relationship with you or someone you know in order to gain citizenship. By the time you find out their real motivations, it’s too late!

These people marry or have children in order to gain or maintain citizenship. Once they have a child in a country, they are automatically granted that citizenship.

These are called “anchor babies” because having a child, in the US for example, means that they get to stay and raise their child there.

Be very wary of these people, you may be surprised at what they’re willing to do to get what they want.

Identity Theft or Collect the Prize Scams!

So many scams offer promises of riches, fame, easy money, and everything else, that most people just hand over their personal identity without more than a second thought.

Anything that promises to be too good to be true probably is!

Get to their identity before they can get to you! They will take measures to give you a fake identity, and once you realize they’re a fake, send them on their way (to the police, preferably).  Don’t be fooled by liars, cheats, and conmen. Check their vital statistics immediately, before it’s too late!

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