7 Nov
Do You Think Your Husband is Cheating? Discover the Truth with a Background Check

After years of marriage, your husband is acting a little shady and you begin to wonder if he is cheating. You don’t want to accuse him and you don’t want to hire a private eye. However, you can do a background check in the privacy of your own home to see if your husband is cheating or is just changing.

10 signs that your husband may be cheating:

  1. Your husband’s wardrobe takes an unexpected change in style. The same thing goes for underwear. Men who cheat will often start buying new underwear.
  2. Your husband comes home from work freshly showered or smelling like a different cologne or soap.
  3. Friends start calling with “emergencies” on a more regular basis.
  4. Your husband credit card/bank statements start going to the office.
  5. Your husband starts going out-of-town more often than usual without a change in job or money.
  6. Friends and co-workers act “strange” or uncomfortable around you.
  7. Someone hangs up when you answer the phone.
  8. Your husband starts a fight with you so he can storm out of the house to “cool off” for a few hours.
  9. Your sex life takes a sudden down turn in frequency.
  10. Your husband comes home smelling of another woman’s perfume.

How a background check can help:
Most likely, if he is cheating you are not the first woman he has cheated on. The chances are he has cheated on many other women prior to you. In addition, if he is breaking your sacred marriage vow, who knows what else he is lying to you about?

The only way to know what this man is up to is to become your own private eye and dig up the dirt. Your husband may be innocent but the only way you will know for sure is if you look up the facts for yourself. So start digging and see what you can turn up.

What you need to discover the truth with a background check
To begin your search, you will need to a credit card or a PayPal account, an Internet connection, and a place to read the information you find.

I suggest you do this alone. If you do discover your husband is cheating, you will not want your children around to see that. Trust me on this one. As a teen, I was there when my mom discovered my cheating day and it was just not right. If you need someone around, have a friend but keep the kids away.

Digging up the truth is simple and easy. Type in your husband’s name and his history just pops right up. Marriage records, divorce records, criminal background check, social security records and everything else you can imagine is right in front of you.

You can quickly see all his “hidden” phone numbers, properties, credit cards, and heaven forbid if he has got her an apartment! Start your cheating husband background check today and maybe you will find that he is innocent.

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1 Nov
How to Find Public Marriage Records and Much More Online With Very Little Effort

Everyone has that one person in the neighborhood that no one knows anything about. Everyone speculates on researching private and public marriage records. They gossip about possible criminal records. They have that neighbor doing everything from being a poor ole’ shut-in to an insane axe murder with fifty women buried in the backyard.

Before Online Public Records Searches
In the past, that was all you could really do was speculate. If you really wanted to snoop, you had to hire a private detective. Then the private detective would call up people that knew the person. Go down to city hall and search through documents.

After hours of searching at city hall, the detective then would go to the police department to search through criminal records. The detective then would have to travel around to different cities to search for birth records, marriage records and so on.

The whole process would take days if not weeks and months to complete. Who would actually do this? It was more than time consuming. It was very expensive and you never really knew who people were.

Finding Public Records Now
Fortunately, this is not the case anymore. Now, you can search public records in the privacy of your own home in a matter of minutes. The results come back and no one knows you even looked it up.

What you need:

  • Name
  • Age (helps)
  • City (helps to narrow down)
  • State (helps to narrow down)

The more information you have on the person, the faster you can narrow it down to the correct person. Once you find the right person, it is only a matter of looking at the information.

Who Needs the Information?

  • Parents with kids – Finding a sitter is hard work. References are good but they can always be faked. A simple background check lets you know your sitter doesn’t have a criminal history.
  • Parents with teens – Let’s face it. We do not know all of our kids’ friends and their parents. A quick background check on the parents won’t hurt anyone.
  • Singles – Dating is hard enough. Why waste your time on someone who is lying about being married? A quick background check lets you know who is married and who is not. It also tells you who is a criminal and who is not.

Protect yourself and your family by finding public marriage records, divorce records, background checks, and criminal background checks. If you have their name and access to the Internet, then you can do be your own private eye.

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