29 Oct
When Do People Start Hiring Detectives?

hiringYou might think that hiring people to go undercover for you is a thing of the past, but with people finding more and more ways to hide their identities, be anonymous, and have more secrets, you can expect more and more private detectives to hone their skills in figuring out what people have to hide. As trust slowly crumbles in society, you can expect more people to hire private detectives. Take, for instance, the Indian festival of Navratri. In the past, youth frolicked and partied without the guidance of their parents, and had dancing in a feast of worship. This dancing could certainly involve a lot of untoward activities, and parents have long since started hiring detectives to spy on their children.

Indeed, the most innocent events can sometimes call for the use of a private detective. However, there are still occasions where you will need a private investigator now more than ever. For instance, if you want to watch over someone and see where they are going, what they are doing, and if they are telling you the truth about their activities, then you will need surveillance experts to tail them, do stakeouts, and install bugs and surveillance cameras.

Insurance companies also need private detectives to check on insurance claims, and to see if a claim is valid or if someone is merely faking his or her ailment or injury. Sometimes, private detectives can serve as plaintiffs or defendants when a case goes to court. In some cases, private detectives have to employ a wide variety of expertise, from physics and automotive experts when looking at boat or automobile insurance fraud, to medicine and cures when looking at general health insurance fraud.

Corporations are not immune from detectives. In fact, when auditing time comes along, a detective has already been placed in order to track the activities of the higher ups and to check for fraud, financial misconduct, and other cases. Publishers can also hire private detectives for their authors in order to check if any copyright infringement and plagiarism have occurred.

Some detectives can also go undercover in order to look at allegations of abuse, such as when they go undercover as nurses in nursing homes to see how elderly patients are being treated. They can also track significant others: they track would-be husbands or wives for their significant others to see how trustworthy they are; husbands or wives to see if they are cheating; and how husbands and wives treat their children so that they can have data to show when a custody trial comes along.

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1 Oct
What You Should Be Careful Of In Hiring Private Investigators

dangerNot everyone in this world can unfortunately be considered trustworthy, and this is something you have to remember when you’re in the process of hiring private investigators. All of them may appear sympathetic and eager to help, but you need to look deeper and dig for more facts to be certain that you’re hiring the ideal investigator for your need.

Hire someone trusted by people you trust.
If you don’t know any private investigator then try to at least hire investigators trusted by people you know and trust. You may not be sure of the investigator’s characters but you can at least personally vouch for the people who referred the investigator to you. That’s almost as good, don’t you think?

Verify facts.
A private investigator will have to supply you with his business name and address, a list of clients or references, and his license details. Make sure to verify all of them. Even if the documents he has submitted to you appear to be official and authentic, there’s nothing wrong with double-checking and ensuring that they are indeed valid.

Ask about SOP.
It is your right as a client to know how the private investigator intends to proceed with the case. This is especially important when you’re dealing with personal matters and there may be certain steps the investigator might take but you’d rather not have him do.

In many cases, private investigators submit periodical reports to their clients and ask for permission before taking any kind of action. If this is not part of your investigator’s SOP then make sure to have him include it. With these terms, you can at least be assured that you won’t be shocked by the total bill of your investigation.

Get everything in writing.
Oral contracts or agreements rarely, if ever, hold up in court so it’s best to get everything you agree upon in writing. Ask whatever you need to ask and don’t be afraid to ask for additional information if something still remains clear. Private investigation is costly and you need to know how much you’ll be charged for what to estimate the total cost of your investigation.

Once all terms and conditions have been agreed to, make sure to read your contract several times before signing on the dotted line. Don’t ignore the fine print!

Last but not the least, go with your gut instincts. No matter how highly recommended a private investigator is, he still isn’t the ideal choice if you don’t feel comfortable transacting with him.

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13 Jun
The Good and Bad of Hiring a Private Investigator

Peeping TomPrivate investigators don’t always come up with positive results and in Bingham County, this was certainly the case when a group of concerned voters had called in a private investigator in hopes of having their predicament resolved.

On May 27, a Republican Primary Election took place in the town and residents went to the polls to choose which Republican candidate they wish to have as sheriff. Six people were there to safeguard the ballots. When the votes were counted, it was discovered that the order of names in the computer system didn’t match the order of names on the ballot. Votes were recounted twice but ended with the same results.

As the unexplainable error had affected nineteen out of twenty-seven precincts, voters considered the need for a revote. Meanwhile, a group of voters had then hired Neil Leary, a private investigator, to determine the solution to their dilemma. His efforts, however, made no difference in the end. County Clerk Sara Staub believed that Leary’s greatest flaw was not even making an effort to find out the source of the error and how it had been resolved.

County Clerk Sara Staub tells me Leary never even considered how the mistake was made or how it was fixed.

How to Choose a Private Investigator
The chances of getting what you want from a private investigator’s help ultimately depend on whether you’ve made the right choice or not. There are several factors to consider when searching for the ideal private investigator to use.

Resource Availability
It’s best to work with private investigators with the greatest possible access to the necessary resources. In cases of missing children, for instance, it’s not enough for a private investigation firm to have access to legal reports. He must also have access to important forensic equipment and the latest surveillance equipment.

The best resource of all, however, is labor. You want a private investigation firm that employs the most skilled and experienced individuals. You want a private investigation firm whose detectives have genuine passion for their jobs. Finally, you’d want to trust your loved one’s fate in a private investigation firm with enough manpower to work on your case 24/7.

Hiring a private investigator is generally costly although there are times when you’re lucky enough to find a private investigation firm willing to work for free. If you want to save on expenses, however, then you should try contributing in any way you can. Make inquiries yourself.

When you hire a private investigator that doesn’t mean you can stop helping yourself. Rather, use a private investigator to help you in your efforts and you have better chances on achieving your goals.

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