25 Jul
Find Out Why Women look for Judgments

It may seem odd, but there is a growing segment of the population that is making use of the new online databases to search for judgments that have been entered in legal cases.

Growing Number of Women Search for Judgments

One of the fastest growing groups in this segment comes from women who have joined online dating services.  For some reason, men feel compelled to tell a woman when they have been in legal trouble, but they don’t have the same compulsion to tell the truth about the situation.

Whether it is the matter of a nasty divorce, a disagreement between neighbors or a past that is littered with trouble, men seem to think that women will simply believe any story handed them.  Sorry, fellows, but if the story sounds odd, we now have a way to check it out.

Checking Out His Story

If the situation ended up in court and a judgment was made, there are now databases all over the country that are being used to track every case that reaches a conclusion in court.  Women aren’t stupid, and if something sounds off, we are going to do some checking.

Online search services that are designed specifically for attorneys seeking precedents can be used for this, but it is much better for the individual to search with a private firm.

Online Search with a Private Firm

These firms already paid the large membership fee to join legal databases around the country, and they can offer you the same information for a lot less.  For a very reasonable fee you can not only search judgments, but also many other legal documents like marriage licenses, divorce decrees, lawsuits and more.

“Google-ing” someone is fine for a first date, but if you really want to feel secure in the knowledge that you have thoroughly checked out a man you want to date, using an online search engine is the way to go.

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