12 Aug
How to Look for Marriage Records Online and Feel Confident in Your Decision to Date Someone

You sit across the table from someone you have never met, and you wonder if they are telling you the whole truth about their last marriage.  Knowing that you can find marriage records online, you don’t need to worry about that.  You can go home and search later.  In the meanwhile, enjoy your date and try to learn some more about the intriguing person sitting with you.

Dishonest Online Dating Is Common–Do Background Checks First
As unfortunate as it is, the proliferation of dating websites has meant that people who are unhappy in their marriages can lie about their situation much more easily.  Both men and women are prone to reporting dishonestly when asked if they remain married.  Even if they have separated, they aren’t legally free to pursue other relationships.  How wonderful that you can now check up on such people before you get in too deeply.

Searching Vital Records
A quick jump online is all it takes to find out if you are being dished a load of malarkey.  When you opt to join an online records search service, you get access to so much information.  From marriage records to criminal records, divorce decrees to legal settlements, it is now possible to access all these public records and put your mind at ease.

The best time to find out that your new friend is lying is before you are deeply involved.  Find out that the person you’re imagining as your new life partner is actually still married, convicted of fraud, or a known sex offender discretely.  With any luck, they are among the many honest people available.  But if not, you can cut things off immediately.

The Best Choice for Marriage Records Online
The very best place to find out everything you want to know about people, including searching for marriage records online, is with a search service.  Look for an honest one that doesn’t pretend to give you information free and then later informs you that you have to pay.  I hope that you will find absolutely nothing, but it will feel very good to know your date is just what they say they are.

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